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OPUS has a unique place in the market because of our complete service offering and how we provide that service

OPUS is a Calgary based, full-service commercial and multi-family real estate company that has been operating in Western Canada since we opened our doors in 1983. We have emerged as a leader in real estate, delivering successfully 30 million square feet of attractive and functional buildings.

OPUS projects span the country from British Columbia to Ontario where we have delivered quality spaces for mixed-use, commercial, multi-family, office, industrial and retail clients for numerous national and international tenants (GM, Panasonic, Cineplex and others) across Canada.

The OPUS advantage? Our seasoned experience and our single source delivery method creates spaces via a unique process that has proven to deliver great results. Our clients benefit from this full service integrated process that can oversee all aspects of commercial development from concept to completion.

OPUS's in house expertise in mixed use commercial, multi-family, office, industrial, retail and institutional projects ensure our projects always reflect stakeholders values and beliefs. Our approach is to clearly understand project objectives and use our experience to achieve them in the most efficient manner. We emphasize teamwork, collaboration and cooperation with all project stakeholders while utilizing our resources and expertise to deliver projects on time and on budget.

OPUS forms a true partnership with you and we apply our experience to your property every step of the way

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What makes OPUS Unique?

OPUS is unique because of our fully integrated services, such as: Construction and Project Management, Development, Property Management, Leasing and Marketing services.

Over many years, since 1983, we have gained a lot of knowledge and we understand the many unique benefits and efficiencies a fully integrated development, construction and property management company offers. We are a developer, builder and operator, but foremost we are an owner like yourself and recognize that we are a service provider to you and the way we work together with you sets us apart from everyone else.

OPUS offers all the necessary service components together under one roof - management, design, construction, leasing coordination, project management, development, financing, property and asset management. Our ability to maintain precise budgets and quick turnaround times is the result of having an established and collaborative team approach between departments, both in-house and with our external consultants and contractors.

We have gained tremendous knowledge over the years and because of our fully integrated approach, we are able to shift knowledge between departments through sharing information and experiences. Be it from an architect’s, builder’s, lender’s, owner’s or tenant’s perspective, each experience a project differently and each teach us valuable perspectives that make us better with every project.

Maximizing the value of your portfolio requires an understanding of every aspect of real estate. By utilizing a full-service developer and builder for your property management needs, you benefit from the established expertise of a successful long-term owner and operator. OPUS forms a true partnership with you and we apply our experience to your property every step of the way

We offer customized service, which whatever you or your clients' needs are, we can customize a package that works best for your unique situation.

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Company Values

OPUS Manifesto - The principles that set us apart

OPUS values relationships - with our clients, consultants, trades, and employees. OPUS relationships are a priority, to be treated respectfully and intended to be meaningful and fulfilling for all parties. All delivery of service starts with a relationship – the more positive and trusting that relationship is, the more successful the outcome.

At OPUS, we place the highest value on our relationships - with our clients, tenants, consultants, contractors and employees. This is a priority for us and it guides every aspect of our work. We have built a fully integrated real estate services company, working with our clients from concept idea to grand opening party and throughout the life cycle of a project. We strive to serve the varied interests of our clients and deliver the best possible service in our industry by putting the emphasis on relationships.

All delivery of service starts with a relationship - the more positive and trusting that relationship is, the more successful the outcome. In support of our relationships we stand for trust, quality and excellence; these values are at the heart of how OPUS works and guides all delivery of OPUS' services.


We take pride in ownership of our commitments and deliver


We treat everybody the way we would want to be treated
We consistently ensure that those we interact with are served in the interests of meeting their needs and exceeding expectations
We work together to get the best results, inclusive of the perspectives, talents and contributions of all
OPUS manifesto